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Dol, a small village located two kilometers from Postira, is ideal for vacation and enjoying the fusion of wild nature, mysterious stories of local people, medieval architecture and delicious, quality food.

Although Brac is referred to as the island without water, in Dol, it is hidden beneath the rocks, in two lakes, at a depth of 60 meters. Dol is also preserving dry stone hives from 16th century. It is a place of about a hundred inhabitants who are involved in agriculture and tourism. Olives and wine are high quality and unavoidable Dol's products. Inhabitants of Dol work and try to preserve old crafts, especially the construction of cargo saddles for horses and donkeys, since one of the last craftsmen lives among them.

Although it is a small village, Dol offers many trails and paths for exploring the area, enjoying the beautiful nature, and reaching the exceptional vantage points from which you can see the entire village. There are three famous taverns in Dol, which offer traditional and indigenous meals: Konoba Toni, Konoba Gušti Skoja and Kaštil Gospodnetić, whereas the latter is the Venetian castle from the end of the 16th century, that you must experience.

The visit will not leave you indifferent, as you will be offered a whole range of old dishes of island Brac, which are still prepared following the same traditional recipes. If you happen to hear a mysterious hoot, ask the locals where it comes from. The answer will surely surprise you, but also further raise your interest in this small village and the island of Brac.


Postira (lat. pastura – pastureland), 

Located on the north side of the island of Brac, this is the place abundant in the seductive, gentle coves and streets paved by pebble stones called kogule* which honour the local masters with their beautiful shapes.

It is said that Postira were founded in 16th century, but the earlier historical records, numerous early Christian churches and monasteries, and other specific buildings testify of the turbulent and interesting history of this small fishing and tourist city. Spectacular stone houses in the harbor tell stories about the landowners on island Brac, among which the Lazanić family's castle stands out, as it is the family the famous Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor was born into.

The only sand beach on the island of Brac is located right here - the Lovrečina beach, which is impossible to resist, perhaps due to the specific palette of beautiful colours of - sea, sky and fine sand.  

Postira offer a various facilities, especially in the summer months: from the traditional ones that focus on autochthonous products of Brac and the tastings of the same, as well as the acquaintance with the culture of Brac, be it "Noći hrapoćuše" or the small night regatte, to the contemporary ones such as Postira Seaside Film Festival: a short film festival, that brings numerous filmmakers from Croatia and abroad to the island of Brac. If you seek an adventure, we recommend you to take the most famous sixteen kilometers long walking path from Postira to Bol; it is your chance to connect the north and south of this rich and interesting island with your steps.

*kogule – pebble stones used to pave the streets in Dalmatia.


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