Active holiday

Brac is an ideal destination for active vacationers. The beauty of its wild nature, sightseeing attractions, countless beautiful bays, interesting gastronomic offers and the possibility of numerous activities on land, sea or hills that will awaken adventurous spirit and encourage curiosity, are the perfect motivation to actively spend every day of your vacation.

Activities that we can recommend are included in Brac Adventure's offer and are suitable for all age groups, whether it is walking excursions, cycling, kayaking, diving or sightseeing tours with an old-timer van.

A common place in all tours is an effort to show you the hidden side of Brac, which often remains outside the reach of guests - wild nature, common to the people of Brac, that unselfishly exposes breath-taking views, beautiful intact beaches, luxuriant pine forests, olive groves and handmade drywalls as a symbol of centuries of human endeavour to reach a compromise with nature, retaining ground fertile and quality.

These tours will show you the soul of Brac that has been molded for centuries on Brac stone, which has resulted in a relationship of mutual respect between humans and nature.
Therefore, we can rightfully call them "Tours with soul".

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