Villa Dol

Villa Dol

When you arrive into the small village of Dol, situated in the vicinity of Postira, you will immediately and almost inevitably capture the sight of Vila Dol. Located above the other houses and among the olive trees, it will mesmerize you at a first glance, with its interesting wooden shutters and traditional light stone roof. This is the space where you will surely find peace during your stay.

Vila Dol is two hundred years old traditional Dalmatian stone house, restructured to provide the comfort that the vacation implies, but also to continuously remind you where you are and show you what Brac represents at its core. Each part that makes up the whole of this house has been carefully selected and incorporated into the Mediterranean concept of living space and the philosophy of life.

When you step into her olive garden and direct your attention to the view from the terrace on Dol, the magic will begin. The terrace will seduce you with its beautiful blue swimming pool, where you can refresh yourself before going to the sea, its outdoor shower, and its old fireplace. The fireplace provides the possibility of preparing food outdoors, and then dining on a large wooden table placed right next to it. Apart from the native olive trees and carefully planted flowers, your heart will surely be enchanted by a big old cherry tree right in front of the house, which steadily and hospitably provides shade in the hot days.

(Let us take you around!)

You are slowly entering the house; on the right there is a harmonious kitchen with everything you need to prepare fresh ingredients, which you can find almost everywhere on this island. On your left, there is large living area with the sofa, TV set, the old commode and the table. You will immediately notice the dark wood furniture, carefully picked and collected from the old traditional Dalmatian houses, and then manually restored with the aim of bringing it back to its functional state. The wood stove in the living room keeps you warm in cold nights and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Before you move on to the first floor, take a look at the bathroom equipped with the shower, toilet and washing machine, and the interesting, hand-painted cabinet for towels.

Elegant, winding stairway covered with wooden planks takes you to the first floor with two bedrooms and one large bathroom.

The first room is dominated by two beds that are around hundred years old and were found in the old house in the village of the same name on island Hvar. They were later renovated and are now dignifying the space with their old-fashioned charm. The painted chest, placed between the two beds, has been part of this house for a long time. The next room offers a large double bed, two old, restored wooden closets and doors. The room is embraced in earthy colors that provide a sense of warmth, and testify of the intense and careful premeditation of each room.
Until now, you have undoubtedly noticed the lamps that are beautifying a few spots in Villa Dol. The lamps are hand-made artwork by local artist Daria Metelko, unique and completely embedded in space mainly because of the materials used in their creation: natural fabrics, olive trees and Brac stone. There is a spacious bathroom between the rooms, with the two washbasins, the shower, the toilet and the large window that transmits light onto the black tiles in the daytime.

Because of the well-integrated details and the effort to equip the space with elements from the past of this and the neighboring islands, you will become witnesses of the lifestyle on Dalmatian islands in the old times.
The wonderful union of modern and traditional exudes creativity and suggests a departure from the classic ways of thinking and creating space in present times.
The wild nature and stone house that perfectly fits into it, and somewhat more luxurious interior which is  carefully premeditated in relation to its surroundings, will give you an unforgettable experience of Brac and all the richness it provides.


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